Our SugarLamb Beginnings...

It all began by falling in love with a Pomeranian. I didn't own him but found that when I visited my friend, I spent more time with her little guy than I did her.  A few years later I had the opportunity to purchase my own Pom and what a joy Lexi was. Since then I have quickly found my home over run by little Poms.
It wasn't too long before I asked a Professional handler to assess my little puppy  "Jack" and I was quite excited to hear he could be "finished". he was to become my first "Champion"   And so began my " Adventures in Showing".
What an exciting way to enjoy my dogs and how challenging to see what new accomplishments we can reach.
Our Philosophy...
      Our philosophy and purpose at SUGARLAMB POM'S is to produce Pomeranians with proper color, versatility, temperament and conformation according to the standard.

      We believe in protecting the quality of the breed by researching pedigrees of future breeding. The puppies that we raise will go to “pet” homes or in rare cases "show" homes. These families must provide proper veterinary care and insure our Pomeranian's are family members receiving loads of love! All of our puppies will be sold with a must spay/neuter contract to protect and insure the quality of our pedigree lines and the health of the dog.

SugarLamb Pom's...

       We are currently showing in all breed and specialty shows in Canada and the U.S. We enjoy handling our own dogs in the show ring and feel the thrill to compete every time we walk in the ring.
       We also accept clients who need our assistance in the ring. We specialize in showing Toy dogs from Group 5. 




The Dog Fancy...
      Giving back to the sport is very important to us .
 SUGARLAMB POM'S believes we should participate in the sport  and find ways to add a positive influence while we are Showing.

      Promoting all aspects of the Sport include Judging Junior handling. We felt a great deal of pride when asked and fully support the development of our young people.


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